Wargame "the Art of war: Battle for Caen" went on sale - Cell phones

Wargame Began selling the Supplement "the Art of war: Battle for Caen", informs national publisher and developer of "1C". This is the official add-on to the wargame "the Art of war II: Kursk bulge", which is published only on the PC. Yes, to run it you must have installed the original game. You have been warned. "Battle for Caen" adds a new storyline, covering the actions of the allies in Normandy in June-July 1944. The entire game will expand on nine missions. Already from the title clear about what will be discussed: "You will get reconstructed in detail the battles, famous in the French city of Caen, starting with large-scale operations Epsom and ending with the battle Goodwood". It is reported that "all the landscapes, the balance of power, the location of troops and equipment" were reconstructed on the basis of actual historical documents and Chronicles. A pleasant surprise for fans of military equipment should be over 40 new types of armor and artillery..

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