In Tatarstan championship on Counter-Strike - Cell phones

In Tatarstan championship on Counter-Strike - Cell phonesIn Kazan hosted the first Open championship in Counter-Strike. The organizer of the championship programme for the popularization of the Internet were made by the party "United Russia" and the city's entertainment portal Kazan Land. The championship was organized with the purpose of development of cyber sport in the Republic of Tatarstan within the framework of the party project "Development of the Russian Internet". At the opening of the event were the Deputy Secretary of the TRB United Russia", Deputy Chairman of RT state Council Rimma Ratnikova. She noted that the holding of such events helps to develop sports in the country. This is especially important given the fact that Russia is the only country in the world, recognized eSports official sport discipline. The championship was opened is not a traditional ribbon-cutting, and shot in the virtual target. To participate in the event showed 62 teams, each with 5 players. In the first round was attended by 27 teams from all over Russia (Kazantsev, was made the qualifying stage, which was determined by the 4 best teams). The remaining rounds will be held during the year in the spring, at the end of summer and the super final in December. For the championship, was selected version of Counter-Strike 1.6. He went through the standard rules: 5 on 5 players, 16 rounds, 8 places. The tournament was held with pomp - team enthusiastically rooting for her, worried about friends. Broadcast to viewers the most interesting moments occurred on the big screen, allowing you to enjoy the skills of the speakers. Not all teams were able to reach places are only 8 strongest were able to boast of prizes and awards. Closing the ceremony, Victor Budarin congratulated the winners, handed the Cup, and wished all participants of the first open tournament in counter-strike further fruitful cooperation with the party "United Russia" and the new professional success in eSports. Prizes won: First place: KOMANDA, Perm composition: svirepoff, Huligan, pachanga, ga2man, tba Second place: Sniper Squad, Kazan composition: Kombat, kinder, Lollipopig, Saint, st Third place: zNation, Cheboksary composition: D1m3droL, Makar, sayhello, wake, Spike Fourth place: mirage, Chelny composition: kiM, esl, sansei, sonar, lazzy Fifth place: ENJOY, Kazan composition: Fafa, kurt, fLAME, M@ster, Ramon Sixth place: Def, Yoshkar-Ola. composition: Alexey spp Emelyanov, Janis GLyk Moans, Arthur hvk Muhamedjanov, Denis monster Maximov, Konstantin tw1x Skopenko Seventh place: MERCOM, Kazan composition: Sergey Wierd_1k Tour, Dmitry FREEQ Nikitin, Ilnur MANGO Kamaletdinov, Adele JOKER Idiyatullin, albert TIMMY Makarenko Eighth place: Force, Kazan composition: kind, flame, fuka, moon, storm.

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