Hackers offered an easy way of hacking the iPhone 4 - Cell phone

Hackers offered an easy way of hacking the iPhone 4 - Cell phoneHacker group iPhone Dev Team has managed to hack the Apple operating system iOS 4. As reported by Engadget, the hackers used a vulnerability in the Safari browser. To use the results of the work of hackers offered to all comers. Users just need to visit the special website. Cracking software application will be automatically installed on the device, including the iPhone 4. After hack (jailbreak) smartphones sold in the United States to work in networks of mobile operator AT&T, can be used in the networks of other operators. In addition, for Apple devices, you can install programs that are not purchased in the official App store. For the first time about how hacking called JailbreakMe, said via Twitter hackers, hiding under the alias @comex and @MuscleNerd. Willing to break iPhone 4 using JailbreakMe reported significant shortcomings of this solution. So, users noted that after installing the firmware they have lost the ability to send MMS messages and talk with the application for FaceTime. Some time later, the hackers have fixed JailbreakMe and now FaceTime and MMS works fine. In late July, chief librarian of Congress legalized the procedure of jailbreaking. Thus, users were allowed to freely install on their devices any application for iOS, and not only those that have received approval by Apple and sold in the official app store. However, Apple representatives said that after jailbreaking the device lose the manufacturer's warranty..

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