The developed technology of high-speed digitizing books - Cell phones

The developed technology of high-speed digitizing books - Cell phonesJapanese researchers have developed technology to scan books at the same speed with which you turn over the page. The prototype scanner champion will be created within two years, the promise of scientists from the University of Tokyo. The book is 170 pages it will be able to digitize a minute! The system is equipped with a camera, making about five hundred images per second. When this infrared rays fix the position of the sheet in the space, then special software corrects the distorted image, which is obtained when a page turn. That is, transforms the three-dimensional page flat with observance of all proportions. The technology to create three-dimensional images of moving objects, no doubt, will find application far beyond the library walls. For example, it will be useful in the development of autopilots, as well as when creating robots that move with great speed without human intervention. Speaking of robots. The head of the research group of eichiro Watanabe assumes that the page curl to trust them, because they are more accurate and do not require rest. Manufacture of the prototype will be engaged in the company Dai Nippon Printing..

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