"Yandex" has launched a widget LiveJournal - Cell phones

Users of the search engine "Yandex" has been able to add to the main page of the service widget LiveJournal. This was reported in the press release received by the editors "Tape.ru". With the widget, users will be able to update records in the "live journal" and read friends without leaving the main page of Yandex. The widget allows you to view the ranking of the most popular posts in LJ ("Popular"), as well as a list of the most discussed topics ("Stories"). Update records in LJ via the widget is in a simplified mode available to the user only three text fields: "subject", "message" and "tags". The new widget is running from 15 November 2010. Just "Google" you can install more than 1500 widgets related to various Internet services. LiveJournal is the most popular blogohostinga among Russian users. In the Russian segment of LiveJournal registered about 4 million bloggers. The monthly audience of readers LiveJournal in Russia - about 22 million people..

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