Apple continues to struggle with a toy Stivali-Jobs - Cell phones

Apple continues to struggle with a toy Stivali-Jobs - Cell phonesApple demanded from the administration of the largest Internet auction site eBay to withdraw from the sales figures of CEO Steve jobs. Previously, Apple's lawyers succeeded in stopping the production and sale of this doll manufactured by the Chinese company M. I. C Gadget and sold for 79 dollars. The figure depicts the head of Apple with iPhone in hand standing on a white pedestal in the form of a company logo. Jobs, according to the manufacturers, was "a little creepy, but still cool". Toy the head of Apple, as well as the present, dressed in a classic black turtleneck, Levi's 520 and New Balance sneakers. The first batch of 300 units have been sold out for a few days, however, M. I. C Gadget suddenly announced that stops production. After the ban, the demand for toy jobs among collectors immediately began to grow. One of these toys made by Chinese company M. I. C Gadget was recently sold on eBay for 2.5 thousand dollars. This week one of the canadian producers stated that he had sold a rare figurine jobs on eBay for 1,125 thousand dollars, but the auction was cancelled the deal, citing a complaint from Apple. Moreover, now the auction promptly removes lots to offer jobs figures from other manufacturers. At the moment, the query "Steve jobs (Steve Jobs), "Figure jobs" (Jobs figurine/figure or figurine Apple" (Apple figurine/figure) search eBay these toys are not issues. Apple motivates their requirements article 3344 of the civil code of the state of California, according to which "prohibited the use of the name, picture or appearance of any person on any product without the prior consent of that person"..

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