Kenwood is preparing to revive the demand for Hi-Fi Cell phones

Kenwood is preparing to revive the demand for Hi-Fi Cell phonesNovember 23, 2010 was the joint press conference of the companies Kenwood and "marvel-Distribution" on new devices in the home electronics Kenwood. The event was opened by Mr. Nakajima, Chairman of the Board of Directors Kenwood Home Electronics Corporation. He emphasized that what happened in 2008 with the acquisition of JVC brings now its generous fruit. And if during the first year of the joint activities of the company were United only their brands, while continuing to work on separate plants in 2009 were combined capacity of both brands, merging technologies and existing know-how. Mr. Nakajima did not lose sight of the fact that, by combining Kenwood and JVC, strengthened the position of both companies have the opportunity to combine knowledge and experience in audio - and video equipment to create new devices. "We don't want to be first, we want to become the sole manufacturer," said Mr. Nakajima. About the product line of the 2010 said Martin Cooper, marketing Manager and business development Kenwood Home Electronics B. V. He recalled that from 2008 to 2009 (after the unification of brands Kenwood and JVC) product was a mixture of solutions of both companies: electronics, driving the output images produced by the forces JVC, while the audio part of the device was placed on the shoulders of Kenwood. After the unification of the factories in the decisions apply knowledge and experience of both companies. Movies Kenwoood released three new receiver. They all support the HDMI 1.4 specification a, that is capable of modulating the 3D image and have the audio return channel to send the sound from the TV to your home audio system. The design of all three models are identical: this is a classic receivers with aluminum bezels are black. All units have four inputs and one HDMI output, two optical and one coaxial input, four analog audio input. The Junior model is RA-5000 stereo receiver with support systems 2.0 and 2.1. Is the model for people who do not want to stretch the wires multichannel system in all the corners of your room. The device is equipped with two amplifiers 120 watts each, and surround sound is created using Dolby Virtual Surround. Older model RV-7000 - channel receiver, equipped with five amps 150 watts. The device allows you to build not only a classic 5.1 system, but also allows you to connect another pair of front speakers to create a more realistic sound when watching 3D video. "Golden mean" has become a model RV-6000 is a simplified version of the flagship, designed to become the center of classic 5.1 system with the ability to view three-dimensional cinema. In addition to the receivers, Kenwood has released a new Blu-ray player with futuristic sleek design and support the HDMI 1.4 specification a: model BD-7000. And finally, the device-harvester, combines the functions of both the AV receiver and the optical disc player Blu-ray: BDR-A7. Martin Cooper, introducing this new Kenwood unit was asked to note that the main difference between this solution from similar devices from other manufacturers as components. As for the technical parameters BDR-A7, it will be useful for creating systems with configuration from 2.0 to 5.1. Mini system Kenwood has introduced several portable systems for playing records that are on the same portable media. Martin Cooper said that the company has developed a full range of devices, which could be accompanied by a person from early morning until late evening. An example of the "morning" of the device can be called a mini-system. Brand new Kenwood class of devices - multimedia station - appeared in the range of the manufacturer. The system AS-IP70 at first glance will seem ordinary digital photo frame. In fact, this device can serve as a frame, and a clock-calendar, audio player, and a radio alarm clock, and even a battery charger for the iPod. Interesting media player CLX-70, USB socket for iPod and iPhone, also has a CD drive. The system is available in three popular colors: white, black and pink. Among the interesting features of the system worth mentioning is the possibility of recording favourite track c CD on the mp3 player. A pair of micro-Hi-Fi: M-515 and M-313. The older model differs from the youngest to have a nest box for iPod. Both devices are able to play CDS and read tracks from mp3 players or USB flash media. And finally, another Hi-Fi mini system K-323R is restyling already familiar to fans of Kenwood models. The novelty has changed the design: black body got red edging and will be available in a limited edition. The model will be a transition before the release of a fundamentally new mini system with built-in socket for iPod with its own digital-to-analog Converter coming from the iPod signal (release planned for spring 2011). Recorders In the range Kenwood have added a couple of new recorders: MGR-E8-B and LM-1. Professional model MGR-E8-B allows you to make high quality recording: it used a system of three microphones decoder 96kHz/24bit. As stated by Martin Cooper, this device will serve as a great player, the sound quality which is better than the sound of any other mp3 players through the use of high-quality headphone amplifier. The internal memory of the recorder is 2 GB, but it can be supplemented by a microSD card up to 16 GB. One battery charge lasts for 31 hours the recorder. Model LM-1 was designed specifically for musicians and students of music schools, and therefore was called "music coach". The innovative device is simpler than MGR-E8-B, the recorder designed for use in music lessons: writing practice, and workout at home. The device has a built-in metronome..

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