Rambler-Maps got new maps, traffic jams and function Cell phones

Rambler-Maps got new maps, traffic jams and function Cell phones"Rambler" and "Cdcom Navigation" (brand "Progorod") has launched an online navigation service Rambler-Maps, which is available at http://maps.rambler.ru/. The company "Cdcom Navigation" is the developer of cards, service traffic and routing algorithms. A test version of a new service Rambler Card" was launched at the end of the third quarter of 2010. It was available in parallel with the service Rambler-Castaneda library Map collection, which was launched in 2000. He used the card several suppliers, the most important of which were the company "Geocenter Consulting. In 2006, the service Rambler-maps using data on road congestion, supplied by "Probkovorot". On December 27, 2010 the only online map service "Rambler" becomes "Rambler-Maps" developed jointly with the company "Cdcom Navigation". Use the map service of one provider allows you to avoid the so-called "problems dock" at the boundaries of the regions (which may occur when using the neighbouring regions of maps from different sources and to provide quality end-to-end routing throughout Russia. For example, you can route from home in Moscow to Park on the outskirts of Vladivostok. The route clearance is possible not only between major cities, and villages, villages and other small settlements. Rambler-Maps -- the second in Russia online navigation service after Карт@Mail.ru" with the possibility of a full routing throughout the country. The use of a single supplier of navigational information in the service Rambler-Maps allows you to offer users different regions of the same card detail and relevance, to ensure the same level of service and frequency of update map coverage. Since entering the market in late 2009 the company "Cdcom Navigation" provides one of the highest in the market of navigation software and maps the renewal rates of the coating once in 1-2 months. Card companies "Cdcom Navigation are based on detailed satellite images, which are then subjected to verification by field crews. This approach provides high accuracy maps and relevance of cartographic information. As of November 2010, the "Cdcom Navigation" one of the biggest States of the navigation cartographers in Russia among developers of navigation maps and about 150 people. Only on maps Rambler-Maps presented 900 thousand km of roads, 90 thousand settlements, of which 707 have a detailed address plan. Regional coverage of navigational charts company "Cdcom Navigation" -- one of the most extensive among the presents on the Russian market developers navigation maps and software (see table below). Detailed address plan"Progorod" (map "Cdcom Navigation") "Navitel Navigator"""Cityguide"Card TeleAtlasКарты Navteq (Nokia Maps)the Total population of all cities with population of 100 thousand people or more, for which there are detailed address plan 912 thousand chelovek 405 thousand chelovek 144 thousand chelovek 733 thousand chelovek 848 thousand cheloveku % of the total population of all cities with population of 100 thousand people.83,6%90,2%81,0%49,5%60,0%the Use of maps in the online navigation services / navigation software for portable and embedded devices / - (only service of jams) / / - / - / In the new service "Google-Maps" the system alerts about traffic jams developed by the company "Cdcom Navigation". Data for service "tubes" are supplied by partners Cdcom Navigation and logistics companies and telematic services: daily painting movement in and around the city is formed according to GPS units with two-way communication that are installed on hundreds of trucks. In addition, information on the situation of traffic congestion is passed to the server of the service users of the navigation system "Progorod", setting it in its navigators with feedback modules (GPRS/EDGE) and communicators. At the moment information about the "tubes" is available only for Moscow and the Moscow region, in further coverage of the service will grow and spread to other cities. The popularity Rambler-the Map" is now about 25 thousand unique visits per day. With the launch of "the Rambler Card", which has a higher functionality of the partner companies expect growth of up to 40 thousand visitors a day by the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2011. The main characteristics of online navigation services, presented on the Russian market: Supplier kartpostal problematisation settlements with address plan (with drill-to-the-home)Evaluation attendance (per month) Rambler-Maps"Cdcom Navigation"""Cdcom Navigation"Est,5 млн"Карты@Mail.ru"Геоцентр Consulting, cartography, CJSC "Map" LTD, Domainfunctionality,7 million"Yandex.Maps Yandex Partners:.

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