New guglofony" will replace credit card - Cell phones

New guglofonyNew version of the operating system for mobile devices - Android 2.3 Gingerbread will support the technology that allows you to pay in shops or restaurants with a smartphone, not a credit card. For this new "guglofony" will be built in a special chip, which is enough to hold"on the terminal. About said CEO of the Internet Corporation Google, Eric Schmidt during the conference Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The technology of Near Field Communications (NFC) will be integrated into the new version of the platform from Google, the release of which will take place in the next few weeks. According to Schmidt, the Internet Corporation does not plan to develop native applications for mobile payments. He added that Google most likely will collaborate with traditional players in the credit card market, not compete with them. Although NFC technology has already been available for several years, its compatibility with Google will bring her great popularity, notes Reuters. According nedavno research Garnter, mobile OS ORT the world's largest search engine, ahead of the Apple iOS platform and is the second most popular destination in the world (after Symbian from Finnish Noikia). Talking about the future of Android, Schmidt demonstrated a new flagship smartphone Nexus S from American mobile operator T-Mobile. However, the release date, and the manufacturer of the device the head of Google is not called. The our Engadget suggests that the flagship will be presented together with the release of Gingerbread in the coming weeks. Schmidt added that the release of another operating system from Google Chrome OS will be in a few months. The head of Google noted that this platform is primarily intended for netbooks or smartbooks (i.e. devices with more or less full-sized keyboards), while Android devices with touch screens..

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