Sid Meier will test "Civilization" to Facebook - Cell phones

Sid Meier will test Closed testing turn-based strategy Civilization for the social network Facebook will begin on 12 January 2011. About this on the game's page in Facebook said the Creator of Civilization, Sid Meier (Sid Meier). He also announced the final name of the game - Civilization World. Those wishing to participate in game testing shall be combined in groups ranging in size from 5 to 50 people and apply on the official website. Meyer explained that Civilization World designed for mutual support, and division of testers for groups of friends will allow you to experience the game in realistic conditions. Invitations to testing will begin on 10 January 2011. He also said that the Civilization of the World will consist of parties. At the end of each batch will be declared the winner. Players will also be able to win in some eras and earn trophies. They will be transferred from one party to another. Sid Meier has released the first part of the Civilization in 1991. The goal is the development of one of the civilizations, such as Rome, England, Russia and Maya, from ancient times to the nearest future. Each civilization has its own leader. Leaders vary from game to game. So, in some parts of the Civilization Russia was headed by Stalin, and others Peter. The last game in the series is Sid Meier's Civilization V. It was released on PC on September 24, 2010. November 23, 2010 was the release version for Apple computers. The game received high marks from critics..

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