Announced reader with color E Ink screen - Cell phones

Announced reader with color E Ink screen - Cell phonesThe Chinese company Hanvon Technology plans to release the device for e-book reader with a color screen, created by the technology of E Ink, The New York Times reported. Currently there is only one commercial eReader that uses a similar screen - Fujitsu Flepia, but this device is only sold in Japan, and its value exceeds one thousand dollars. Almost all color eReader other manufacturers use the LCD or TFT displays. The Hanvon eReader will have a touch screen 9,668 inches. On sale it will be available in March and will cost in China 440 dollars. Representatives of the company do not exclude that the reader will be sold in the United States. Its estimated cost outside of China is not called. Other characteristics of the device and its name, are not reported. In traditional e-readers are commonly used black-and-white screens made of e-paper technology. This technology allows you to extend the life of your devices from one battery to two weeks and read even under direct sunlight, which is difficult in the case of other types of screens. At the same time, devices with E Ink cannot view the video, and the colors they look more faded..

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