"United Russia" justified "grey" imports of iPads - Cell phones

The head of the Executive Committee of the "United Russia" Andrei Vorobyov has acted with an explanation of the information that members of the party's General Council was obligated to come to the meeting with the iPad, the official delivery to Russia is not yet started. In an interview with the "Russian news service" Vorobyov said that members of the "United Russia" has got the tablets from Apple on legal grounds. The head of the party Executive Committee noted that the order of the leadership of the party Presidium members must attend a meeting with any device capable of receiving Wi-Fi discussed materials. "That is, it may not be the only iPad," said Vorobyov. As for those who have the opportunity to bring to the meeting of the iPad, Vorobyov said the following: "...We live in reality. Today a large number of people these portable devices are already available. And if they exist they are purchased in Russia. So what they are here illegally, in my opinion, an obvious exaggeration". According to Vorobyov, Russia is an open country with an open economy". "If these devices are brought here dealers, there is nothing illegal there," he said. Meanwhile, we note that officially selling the latest devices from Apple in Russia has not yet started. Start date iPad sales in the Russian Federation is still unknown. Thus, the afore-mentioned Vorobyov "dealers" speech cannot be. That the Presidium of the General Council of the party "United Russia", scheduled for September 8, will be using iPads and other devices designed to replace paper, wrote on 6 September, the newspaper "Vedomosti". Soon after the article appeared in the center of attention of the Internet community: in particular, in blogs there has been speculation that the iPad tablet, the import into the Russian Federation is not yet resolved, were members of "United Russia illegally..

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