The head of Google showed Nexus S smartphone - Cell phones

The head of Google showed Nexus S smartphone - Cell phonesGoogle CEO Eric Schmidt showed the second smartphone that will be released under the brand name of the company. Schmidt held the smartphone in his hands during his speech at the conference Web 2.0 Summit, says our Engadget. While Schmidt is not officially confirmed the name of the smartphone. Previously, Engadget reported that the new product will be called the Nexus S. it is expected to be released on the Samsung factories. Google said that the new smartphone will support data transmission technology NFC (Near Field Communication). The presence in the device module NFC will allow the use of smartphones as a means of payment. According to Schmidt, in the future, this technology may replace Bank cards. Also Schmidt announced the release of a new version of Android Gingerbread. According to him, the mobile platform Google will be updated in the next few weeks". It is expected that the first smartphone Gingerbread will be the Nexus S. The first smartphone Google Nexus One was officially launched in January 2010. It was collected Taiwanese company HTC. Initially, Google was engaged in selling this device on its website without the support of mobile operators (which is unusual for the American market). A few months later, Google rolled smartphone sales..

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