Khabarovsk scientists have created a house for chip - Cell phones

Khabarovsk scientists have created a house for chip - Cell phonesTo monitor the heating and air conditioning systems in hospitals and schools, to scan the operation of pumping and electrical substations - all this can now be done cheaper and faster thanks to the development of young scientists from Khabarovsk. They have designed a unique controller, which consists entirely of Russian components, and the terms of producing of such a mechanism is minimal. Controller "Tau-di" looks like a residential house in miniature. However, for small Windows and small balconies, not spacious and comfortable apartments, and hidden from the prying eyes of the chip. "Someone from the great said, if you don't want the competition, think of something new," says commercial Director of LLC "Continent-Tau" Lyudmila Kotova. The invention Khabarovsk specialists - this is a new step in the field of production automation. At the regional clinical hospital number two, like many other enterprises, monitoring equipment, today track by German technology. With its help the temperature in the chambers and the entire power system at a glance. However, the controller Tau-di" is not only cheaper than foreign analogues in three or four times, but much easier to use. "Our equipment is not programmed, and this shows in German), it is necessary to program. That is, any company that does not have programmers who can buy our equipment and work," said engineer Alexander Demin. To contribute to the innovative development of Russia in Khabarovsk company "Continent-Tau conceived three years ago. But before scientific thought to embody a specific development, it was necessary to find a roof over your head. To find the location for the implementation of bold decisions had to buy the premises in a former furniture factory. Now on-site dining is design Bureau. And in the building where the sawed boards, will soon begin serial production of the invention. However, this will again thoroughly to invest in repairs. But the main investment is investment in young minds. It employs the best graduates of technical universities. Alexander Borisenko one of them. He is also one of the authors of the invention. Talented programmer specifies the computer realization of the project ideas, and smart machine using modern machine performs the task. Software engineer Alexander Borisenko said: "Innovation is creativity. After all, creativity is not only music and pictures, but the technical part. To develop a new controller here has spent more than one million rubles. Part of the invention will be repaid at the expense of the state. In the Federal program supporting young innovators in scientific-technical sphere will be allocated 6 million rubles. Plus there will be other enterprises of the country. The company "Continent-Tau" decided to abandon the foreign sentences and now builds industrial cooperation with colleagues from St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk. They will produce so-called printed circuit Board for Khabarovsk controller. Lyudmila Kotov: "we decided that We need to support domestic producers. For two reasons, first, there is no language barrier and production time faster. And, secondly, from a sense of patriotism. We need to support our own.".

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