Authors will be able to produce and sell their books without publishers - Cell phones

Authors will be able to produce and sell their books without publishers - Cell phonesService Samizdat" for authors who wish to release their work without the help of publishers, will launch by the end of 2010, the company "Books on demand", which focuses on the technology of Print-on-demand. This was reported by RIA Novosti, the General Director Yevgeny Hut. "There are many authors who want to publish. But publishers take approximately one percent of the manuscripts from the incoming stream. And some have been adopted and are quite worthy works are in the publishing portfolio, as they are not a priori will enjoy mass popularity, they will not make 5 thousand copies, and accordingly, the publishers are not interested," said Hata. According to him, these authors can sign a contract with the company "Books on ebouaney", then the books will be included in a range of domestic and foreign Internet-shop -, Barnes&,, Ozone, Buchs.Roux, reed.Roo, My-shop, Bolero and others, and will also appear in a special terminals, which are now in the book. "Through this terminal you can order, pay and receive the book in electronic form immediately. If the book is needed on a piece of paper you need to print the check, which through days 5 days you can pick up the book in the store," said the spokesman, adding that the author receives from the sales amount, which will be negotiated in the contract with the company. The minimum package of services will be free: it provides sale on the website "Books on demand". Inclusion in the catalogue and disseminate through the Internet shops and terminals will cost 4 thousand rubles, and for this book will be sold around the world, and it will not need to be transported by aircraft, and can be printed right on the spot. In addition, the author will be able to clearly monitor the quality of each instance. In the opinion of the House, so the distribution of books may be of interest not only of the authors, and publishers, whose portfolio has proven to be works with unpredictable demand. "Now we work 45th publishers. And in our catalog about 10 thousand books," he said. As explained by the interviewee, books on demand are printed on a unique specialized equipment - it was first introduced in Russia at last year's fair non/fiction. One page costs 30 cents, the cover is 45 cents. Thus, the book is 200 pages will cost 105 rubles with VAT. However, House is convinced that this type of distribution literature cannot suppress the traditional, and the problem is not posed. The publisher is a unique added value in the process, it is quite a serious promotion of books on the market. Publishers make much-for example, editing, advertising, and so forth. We for publishers is the most effective distribution channel is not especially running books", he concluded..

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