Highscreen 605 - new reader at a reasonable price - Cell phones

Highscreen 605 - new reader at a reasonable price - Cell phonesThe company "Vobis Computer", the founder and owner of the brand Highscreen, announces the start of sales of the e-reader Highscreen 605. Novelty has a standard for most devices of this type 6-inch display based on E-Ink technology ("e-inks") of the third generation, music player and support for up to 16 formats of electronic documents. The cost of the reader in the salons of retailers is 6 490 rubles. The first readers appeared in Russia in 2007 year, but to afford them could not every Russian: cost models provided by informal "grey" channels reached $500-600. By the end of 2009, the market was attended by less than ten brands, supplying readers. The average price of a device of this class was more than 10 thousand rubles. By late fall of 2010 on the market, there are about two dozen brands, every month there are new, the average price of the reader by the end of 2010 fell to 7-8 thousand rubles (by 20-30% compared with the beginning of 2010). Unlike some popular readers, Highscreen 605 mounted display based on electronic ink (E-Ink) is not second, and third generation (Vizplex). The screen has a brighter substrate; in addition, it has a higher contrast ratio, the picture is more comfortable for the eyes when reading under the light source. Other display settings Highscreen 605 typical for modern devices: the matrix can display up to 16 gray scale with a resolution of 600 by 800 pixels at a diagonal of 6 inches. Key benefits of e-ink before LCD screens: 1) the Screens consume battery power only when changing the image. Work offline readers is measured not by hours or days, and the number of turnings of virtual pages. So, Highscreen 605 on one battery charge allows you to read up to 15 thousand sheets. Moreover, 15,000 sheets on one charge, you can read at least 10 years without recharging. 2) Displays, E-Ink is not "blinded" by the sun and harmless to the vision: due to the nature of technology, no flickering lights, annoying eye (which is the place to be in TFT, LCD). Highscreen 605 supports 16 formats of electronic documents: PDF, CHM, EPUB, TXT, HTM, HTML, RTF, PDB, DJVU, DJV, iw44, iw4, FB2, PRC, MOBI, TCR. Reader allows you to bookmark while reading; there is a function to remember the last place read. Highscreen 605 can also act monochrome frame: supported image formats are JPEG, PNG, TIF, GIF and BMP. To navigate the interface and paging in Highscreen 605 has two groups of controls: two buttons in the lower part of the front panel and 12 keys on the right side of the housing. Internal memory is 2 GB, which corresponds to the average level of the devices by the end of 2010. There is a slot for MMC/SD card/SDHC memory card, music player (MP3 format) and standard 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack. Hardware-based reader - Samsung processor with 400 MHz, Linux 2.6. Highscreen 605 available in retail chains and brand online shop of the company "Vobis Computer" (vobis.ru for the price of 6 490 rubles. Highscreen 605 - second reader in the line brand Highscreen. In September 2010, the market was withdrawn flagship model Highscreen Alex equipped with two displays (main on the basis of E-Ink, plus an additional TFT touchscreen and running Android. The reader became the first in Russia the device class WEBBook, which means you can download content from the Internet directly to your device (no PC), and the presence of advanced features to work on the world wide Web and multimedia functions. The cost Highscreen Alex is 15 thousand rubles..

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