The Bundestag members allowed to use iPad - Cell phones

The Bundestag members allowed to use iPad - Cell phonesThe Bundestag members are officially allowed to use the plenary meetings of the iPad, according to Bild. The decision was taken by the parliamentary Committee on rules. Thus, in the future, MPs can during a speech to read it with the iPad, and not just on paper. It is noted that the Committee on rules was guided by the technical features of the new device. Due to the lack of keyboard and fan, the tablet does not produce excessive noise, disturbing the meetings. Meanwhile, the use of laptops and cell phones, as before, remains banned. The reason for discussing the issue of eligibility of use of the iPad in the Bundestag was the speech of a member of the Free democratic party (FDP) Jimmy Schultz (Jimmy Schulz). At one of the meetings before the summer break he took the tablet during speech. As with his hand celebrates The Local, MPs are allowed to use not only the iPad and other tablets..

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