Computer with military secrets sold on eBay for $30 - Cell phones

Computer with military secrets sold on eBay for $30 - Cell phonesResident in the UK, bought on eBay a used laptop, found on the hard disk of the computer information relating to British military operations in Afghanistan. It is reported by The Daily Mail. On the hard disk, in particular, contained information on the armed forces and the locations of the posts in the Afghan city of Helmand, lists of ammunition in warehouses and information about the patrols. At the same time to access the files didn't even need a password. The cost of the computer Toshiba Satellite A30 on eBay when it was only 18,87 pound (about $ 30). This was because the machine was essentially idle. However, the new owner of the laptop seized from his hard drive and plugged in the drive information to another computer. "Until I realized that such things should not be sold on eBay. Gets a little scary when you think about the fact that the computer could fall into the hands of anyone," said the buyer. The hard drive itself, he decided to take the representatives of the Ministry of defence. It was found that the previous owner of the laptop was an officer in the British armed forces Robert Sugden. According to him, he was sure that no information on the hard disk is not preserved. Sugden supposedly in the preventive purposes even caused the computer damage with a hammer, and then threw it..

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