Developed an "invisible" keyboard for mobile phones - Cell phones

Developed an Israeli company Snap Keys have developed an "invisible" keyboard for portable devices, Reuters reports. The development of the Snap Keys was named 4K. This technology represents some invisible buttons, which are located on the touch screen. When these buttons are clicked, the screen will be displayed characters, as in the case with the regular keyboard. On the website Snap Keys posted a video which shows the principle of the "invisible" keyboard. A distinctive feature of 4K is the fact that the introduction of the letters will be used just four buttons: two on the right and left side of the screen. Separate buttons are used to enter numbers, punctuation marks and various symbols. According to developers, the precision of text input through a system of 4K is 92 percent. The system will be equipped with automatic intuitive recognition of words like T9. It is noted that the English version of 4K has more than 100 thousand words. Snap Keys already signed a partnership agreement on the dissemination of technology from Philips Electronics. The company has already applied to the leading manufacturers of mobile phones with the proposal to equip the new model keyboard 4K. The developers expect that the novelty will appear on the market for several months. Development of 4K took 10 years. When this Snap Keys managed to attract private investments in the amount of $ 4 million..

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