Australian scientists have created optical tweezers - Cell phones

Australian scientists have created optical tweezers - Cell phonesScientists from the Australian national University have developed a device that is able to move particles of glass on a meter and a half without touching them. This is great progress in creating the "optical tweezers". Before this could move so only particles the size of bacteria, and then only a couple of millimeters, and in the liquid. The objects of the present experiment were a hundred times more microorganisms. Since gravitons used by the heroes of "Star trek" in our Universe are still hypothetical quantum particles, scientists resorted to "hollow" of the laser, i.e. laser with a dark, cooler core. Particles of glass placed in it, hold the molecules of the heated air. Then in the core penetrates a small laser beam and puts pressure on the particles and they begin to move in the desired direction along the beam. On the other hand laser tube comes another beam, with which to control the movement of the particles becomes somewhat easier. The experiment was limited by the length of the optical table (1.5 m), but scientists believe that they could move the particles and on ten meters. The system has one obvious drawback: it only works in the presence of the atmosphere. To space fiction science is still far away. However, the technology has enormous practical potential here on Earth, the movement of dangerous microorganisms, the construction of highly sensitive microscopic devices, etc..

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