Japanese developers supported Kinect games Mobile phones

Japanese developers supported Kinect games Mobile phonesJapanese developers at the Tokyo Game Show announced five games for the Kinect device, according to Siliconera. Their names are: Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Haunt, Rise of Nightmares, Project Draco and Codename D. they will All be released in 2011. Action Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor takes place in 2082 year in Manhattan, which has become a battleground in a new world war. The player controls a bipedal tank. On Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor the company operates From Software, who created the Armored Core series about the fights giant robots. Masaya Matsura (Masaya Matsuura and his Studio NanaOn-Sha working to Haunt, horror first person. The player explores a mansion inhabited by ghosts and monsters. Matsura known as the Creator of music-based games Parappa the Rapper and Vib-Ribbon, released on the first PlayStation. Sega is also working on a horror game for Kinect. The game is called Rise Of Nightmares, and management, it is the whole body. Shooter Project Draco is created by the company Grounding Inc. It is known that through Kinect, the player will have to communicate with winged jinx and care for them. On the game are the creators of Panzer Dragoon series rail shooter gameplay which was also built around dragons. The company Grasshopper Manufacture prepares Codename D. the Goal of the game is to survive in a sinister amusement Park. As a weapon the player has a fiery baseball ball. Kinect is a new type of controller for the Xbox 360. The device was presented at E3 2009 Project Natal. Kinect has a camera and microphone that allows the player to control the console gestures. In Russia, the device will go on sale on 10 November 2010..

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