Presents the "smart" processor for smartphones - Cell phones

Presents the Company ARM Holdings has developed the most powerful mobile processor in the world. Clocked Quad-core chip ARM Cortex A15 MPCore 2.5 GHz, according to an official press release. According to the developers, the processor will be five times the performance of today's mobile chips. When this power Cortex A15 is "comparable", the representatives of ARM Holdings. The chips will be manufactured with the use of 32 - and 28-nanometer process technology. In the future provided by the manufacture of the core A15 processor using a 20-nanometer process technology. It is reported that the Cortex A15 will be able to replace common at the moment Cortex A8 and Cortex A9. The new chips will be used in high-end smartphones ("supermarathon"), tablets, and home media centers. Also based on these chips will be able to work wireless base stations and other network devices, I believe in ARM Holdings. Manufacturers of systems-on-chip (SoC) can issue a license for the right to use these chips. It is expected that decisions on the Cortex A15 will appear in 2012. ARM Holdings is a British company that develops the architecture of mobile chips. Its customers include leading manufacturers, including Texas Instruments, Samsung, Marvell..

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