The BlackBerry maker is ready to make a deal with the Indians - Cell phones

The BlackBerry maker is ready to make a deal with the Indians - Cell phonesSmartphone maker BlackBerry is a canadian company RIM has announced its willingness to make a deal with the Indian authorities, AFP reports. Previously, the authorities have declared their readiness to block from September 1, BlackBerry enterprise services. RIM has offered to host an industry forum to discuss the issue of disclosure of correspondence corporate owners of BlackBerry smartphones. This canadian company has agreed to give law enforcement authorities access to the data users, provided that the access will be done on a legal basis. August 12, the government of India made a statement in which he demanded from local mobile operators in the period up to 31 August to give them access to the correspondence BlackBerry owners. The final decision on whether the blocked services will be made by the Minister of internal Affairs of the country Gopala Krishna by Pellam (G. K. Pillai) on August 30. In the summer of 2010 with the requirements to disclose information in correspondence BlackBerry owners to address the RIM was made by the government of the UAE, India and Saudi Arabia. While in Saudi Arabia some BlackBerry services have already blocked, and in the UAE it is going to do in October. In India, BlackBerry smartphones have more than a million people. The majority of smartphone owners are corporate users. The initiative of the Indian authorities is due to the fact that the correspondence between the owners of smartphones canadian company occurs over encrypted communication channels. It is reported that the organizers of the bombings in Mumbai in 2008 in preparation of terrorist acts were communicating on BlackBerry..

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