In development, perhaps, is the RPG The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phones

In development, perhaps, is the RPG The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phonesNot far off the announcement of a role-playing game the Elder Scrolls V, says chief editor of the Danish division of the portal Eurogamer Christian West (Kristian West). They found that resource Eurogamer Denmark talked to someone close to the team" (that much!), and opened resource shining truth: Bethesda Game Studios "a long time" leads the development of the project. However, sounded and some plot details. So, the action is going to unfold shortly after the events of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and will tell about a certain Lord of the dragons and the fate of the Order of the Blades. Well, now's written dialogues, and the process will continue for several weeks. All this, by the way, there is indirect evidence: I remember, the developers talked about the existence of some kind of new game, although to call it that and not ventured. "If we were allowed, we even now could announce the game and show at what stage it is. I hope that the decision will be made in the near future," said Executive producer Bethesda's Todd Howard (Todd Howard). Oblivion was released in March 2006. And the series The Elder Scrolls this year celebrates its sweet sixteen: the first game, The Elder Scrolls: Arena was released in 1994).

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