Microsoft told about Silverlight 5 - Cell phones

Microsoft told about Silverlight 5 - Cell phonesMicrosoft has presented his vision of the fifth version of media browser Silverlight platform. About the functional features of Silverlight 5 said Scott Guthrie, Vice President, division of Microsoft .NET Developer Platform. According to him, the platform will get more than four dozen new features and improvements. Among them is the integration with the local system in browser mode, improved video quality and performance improvements, as well as the advanced control system access rights. Silverlight 5 will provide extensive support for media content and the ability to create graphically rich UI. Hardware decoding of video using graphics accelerators will take the load off the CPU, and optimized power management will not allow the screen saver to turn on while watching videos and allow the computer to go into sleep mode when inactive video. Support remote control makes it easy to control the playback of media files. Further improvements will be exposed to the user interface. Optimization of textual content will enable you to format texts in magazine style; it is planned to implement support for printing vector PostScript files to create reports and documents. The new platform, according to Microsoft, will be significantly faster and more functional the current version. The beta version of Silverlight 5 will be presented in the first half of next year..

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