Puzzle Stacking will be released February 8 - Cell phones

Puzzle Stacking will be released February 8 - Cell phonesA new project of Tim Schafer (Tim Schafer), "adventure puzzle game from the third person" Stacking, got a release date: the game will be released on 8 February, Unfortunately, only two platforms - PS3 and Xbox 360. The release will be exclusively digital (in the console networks PlayStation Network and Xbox Live). The cost of new items developed by Double Fine and published by THQ, is $15. An unusual concept immediately gives the author. All characters (and even our hero) are... dolls. Well, visually the game is made in the style of the 30-ies of the last century". We are called Charlie Blackmore, and we are the smallest of the dolls. But the problem with our boy is quite heroic: to save his family from the clutches of evil industrialist. Puzzles will be as follows: we will be able to get to any of them, whose size is one number greater than ours. Each character has unique abilities, and their combinations will be built all the puzzles..

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