The creators of the Yakuza will release a fantastic action - Packed Cell phones

The creators of the Yakuza will release a fantastic action - Packed Cell phonesThe Creator of the Yakuza series of games working on the action-Packed third-person called Binary Domain. It is reported by andriasang, citing a paraphrase of the article from Famitsu, which appeared on the Japanese forum 2ch. According to posted on this forum the information in the new issue of Famitsu published an interview with the producer of the Yakuza series Toshihiro Nagoshi (Toshihiro Nagoshi). He said that, unlike Yakuza, Binary Domain is created with the expectation of not only Japanese, but also to Western gamers. The game takes place in 2080 Tokyo. Its plot is based around the struggle of people and robots. Binary Domain is being developed for consoles PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The release date is unknown. The Yakuza game series released by Sega in 2005. The main character of the series is Kazuma the Kiryu (Kazuma Kiryu) is a Japanese gangster, the following kind of code of honor. The Yakuza action takes place in the fictional district of Tokyo called Camarote. Currently released four numbered games and two side parts. Games come out on consoles PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3 and PSP. The new part - Yakuza 4 will appear in the United States and Europe in spring 2011. It is known that the development is another game - Yakuza of the End. In it, the heroes have to attack the zombies and monsters on Camarote. Release date of this game is unknown..

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