Blizzard returned to the idea of real names on the new site - Cell phones

Blizzard returned to the idea of real names on the new site - Cell phonesNovember 5, Blizzard Entertainment launched a new version of the community site MMORPG World of Warcraft. However, not all users of the innovations were like. So, the U.S. official forums users complain that the designers of the new version bumped into Frank "coradino" - the site is too colorful and excessively overloaded, resulting in the orientation it is difficult, and the simple action requires more mouse clicks and conversions. The text message is too large, which means that you need to scroll more often, and the combination of yellow text color and brown background causes eye fatigue and poor perception of the information. Another big gripe was to show the real name of the player on the main page of the forum and site. Despite the fact that the name is only visible to the owner of the account, many are outraged by this fact, considering it a violation of the privacy policy, because the site and the forum are not a payment account (if the user is viewing the forums in a public place, other people will be able to read his name on the computer screen). In addition, players fear of leakage of personal information, access to which is open to forum software. Surprised by the fact that the name displayed in any case - even if the "Real name" is disabled and enabled Parental controls prohibiting it. Earlier, the President of Blizzard surrendered to the onslaught of anger players, which forced him to cancel the decision on the introduction of real names on official forums of World of Warcraft, but now, it seems, the company returned to this idea and the phrase Morhaime "at the moment for posting on the official forums real names will not be required to be" was just a euphemism, meaning that Blizzard in any case, will introduce this feature later..

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