"1C" will make RPG "Two worlds II" - Cell phones

Role-playing game Two Worlds II acquired a publisher and a Russian name - "Two worlds II". Publisher 1C, localizer Snowball Studios and owner of the rights Zuxxez signed an agreement to publish games in Russia. The project is being developed by Polish Studio, Reality Pump. In the West, the game will be October 5 (PC, PS3 and Xbox 360) the company's efforts TopWare. Domestic publisher thinks more widely: "the Release is scheduled for autumn 2010. We will go to explore new lands East of Antaloor while solving another epic problem in this fantastic world. "After the fall of the God of fire was Asiala, is singing with the harp developers - dark Lord gandohar has nearly destroyed the world order, razblokirovat basic elements, and here broke black magic". Having escaped from the stronghold Gandohar, we try to unravel the plans of the villain, to save his sister and set in the Kingdom of peace and order..

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