Facebook will protect love hearts - Cell phones

Facebook will protect love hearts - Cell phonesThe famous social network Facebook has decided not to hurt the feelings of passionate users and prevent their pages pictures with former lovers. In order not to break the hearts of new pairs, Facebook has disabled this feature. On Wednesday, Manager of photographic projects Facebook Sam Odio made the unusual statement that "Photo Memories will no longer show pictures with their former lovers". Previously this service was designed so that the cover Photo Memories display old photos uploaded by a user, or the photo, in which it noted the other inhabitants of the social network. The selection of photographs for the panel automatically and was based on the frequency of communication with certain people from the friends list of the user. However, it is not a secret that most users interacted with the closest people - their loved ones, so the service was mainly chosen them and showed pictures with them much more often than others. Meanwhile, people could already stop loving each other, and pictures of former loved could hurt them. The owners of the accounts have repeatedly complained that they are images of their former partners, which cause unpleasant memories of the gap. Now, to prevent the demonstration of the photo, you just need to change the information in the personal data specified in paragraph "is in a relationship with..." another favorite of the owner of the account, according to RIA Novosti. Note that recently Facebook is often subject to criticism. So, on the day the scandal with the personal data of users. As informs "Interfax", the American congressmen Edward Markey and Joe Barton accused the leadership of the social network that information about users and their friends passed advertisers to send spam, advertising messages, and illicit use of these data in various advertising companies..

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