THQ has announced a Kinect game Fantastic Pets - Cell phones

THQ has announced a Kinect game Fantastic Pets - Cell phonesPublisher THQ plans to release a Kinect-game Fantastic Pets. The release of new products scheduled for March 2011. It is reported that development is a British Studio Blitz Games. It would seem that we are talking about ordinary pet simulator; this kind of stuff on the market are a dime a dozen. However, everything changes with the presence of the manipulator Kinect, and the project will be implemented using the technology of Augmented Reality (argumentirovannoe reality). "On the screen you will see yourself, your bathroom and virtual pet that you can play," say the publishers. In a real interior appears some pet. First we will give a banal cats, dogs, lizards. But then, raising and training your pet, "it can be turned into something fabulous creation". "Your room will be about unicorns, flying dragons and other animals", type publishers..

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