Priorities for future data networks-set - Cell phones

Priorities for future data networks-set - Cell phonesConstant disputes about which network is better, 3G or 4G, similar to the attempts to find out whether it is better pickle soup. Dot the "i" in this issue decided to put the international telecommunication Union (MTS), published the press release, which describes the data transmission standards that are candidates to replace already existing in the future. Among the new standards, which have yet to pass certification, the most promising are two: 802.16 m WiMAX 2, also known under the name of the called wireless man-Advanced and LTE-Advanced. Both of them have great potential in comparison with the existing standards, in particular, the throughput of WiMAX 2 can reach 1 GB/s And WiMAX 2 and LTE-Advanced belong to the fourth generation networks. In fact, the existing LTE networks and WiMAX cannot be attributed to the fourth generation, because they do not meet the requirements fully. The MTS specialists believe that the network of the fourth generation shall have a capacity in excess of 100 Mbps, which we do not see real commercial WiMAX and LTE..

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