Sony talked about the next generation consoles PSP - Cell phones

Sony talked about the next generation consoles PSP - Cell phonesPortable game console PSP2 will have a touch screen along with the analog controls. The head unit Sony Computer Entertainment Kazuo Hirai (Kazuo Hirai) in an interview with The New York Times revealed some of the characteristics of the next generation consoles PlayStation Portable. According to Hirai, PSP2 will be touch screen, but Sony will not abandon traditional controls, buttons and frogs. In some games, the control will be fully touch, in others the player will have to use as a screen, and buttons. Hirai also urged not to compare games for PSP games for mobile platforms iOS and Android. Portable console requires the user to dive deeper into the game, he said, so the PSP will always have their fans. Rumors that the PSP next generation will touch, started to go in August, when at Gamescom was demonstrated prototype PSP2 touch back panel. In October, it was reported that the hybrid PSP and smartphone, which is preparing to release the Sony Ericsson. Its characteristics Kazuo Hirai is not called, however, said that the PSP2 and the smartphone will be two different devices..

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