Ubisoft is preparing to release three Kinect games Mobile phones

Ubisoft is preparing to release three Kinect games Mobile phonesUbisoft called the release date of the game, promoting the manipulator Kinect in Europe: together with the previously mentioned device 10 November there will be three projects (in the United States, recall that newfangled controller will be released a little before 4 November). We are talking about the following games. Fighters Uncaged - simulator Thai Boxing. The "big boys and girls will be able to explore fight Muay Thai, learn the basic movements and techniques and then apply them to their virtual opponents," say the publishers. The second Kinect project, Motion Sports, will introduce a whole set of other sports: American football, Boxing, equestrian, football, etc. Well, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is, apparently, similar to Wii Fit Nintendo development. That is, we are waiting for gymnastics, yoga, courage, grace and plastic. Your antics in front of the camera manipulator Kinect will be transmitted with the game characters. Do not shame..

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