The creators of Quake announced shooter for iPhone - Cell phones

The creators of Quake announced shooter for iPhone - Cell phonesThe company id Software announced the shooter Rage for the mobile operating system iOS, reports Eurogamer. The new game will appear before the full Rage: it will be released before the end of this year. Technical Director John Carmack (John Carmack) demonstrated the trial version of iPhone games during the tournament QuakeCon 2010, which takes place these days in Dallas. Game developer showed on the big screen, is capable of producing a speed of 60 frames per second and supports complex geometry, large textures and lighting his "older" version for computers and consoles. Carmack assured that Rage will work as fast as Doom Classic, and better than Doom Resurrection, which the company developed for the mobile platform earlier. According to him, smooth game will be able to enjoy both the iPhone 4 and iPad, and the owners of the original iPhone 2G. The number of frames per second can be reduced to 30, in order to save the power consumption of the device. Carmack believes that Rage for mobile platforms will be easier than preparing the game for consoles, and therefore will cost players cheaply. Previously Carmack noted that Apple has made a great device for playing video games. According to him, the iPhone is more powerful than the PSP and DS. The company id Software has created several games within the series Doom and Wolfenstein for this mobile platform. New project Rage was officially announced in the summer of 2007. He should be out in 2011 on consoles PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and computers..

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