AutoCAD back to the Mac computers - Cell phones

AutoCAD back to the Mac computers - Cell phonesA popular application of AutoCAD will return to Apple Macintosh computers after 18 years of absence, AFP reports, citing a statement by the representatives of Autodesk. Version one of the most popular CAD programs for Mac OS will be presented before the end of the year. Autodesk will release a free app for iOS called AutoCAD WS. This program can be installed on iPads, iPods touch or iPhone and work with it on projects in AutoCAD. Autodesk unveiled the latest at the moment the version of AutoCAD for Mac in 1992. Since then, the company focused on producing software for Windows. As the reason for the return on the Mac, senior Vice President, platform business units Amar Hanspal (Amar Hanspal) described the growing popularity of Mac computers with customers. Also Hanspal reported that the development of solutions for Mac computers facilitated the transition from Apple to Intel. Earlier Macs were used processors Power architecture from IBM. Price of AutoCAD for Mac will be $ 3995. The same cost and the Windows version of the popular SOFTWARE. AutoCAD comes with 1982, the total number of users worldwide is about 10 million people. AutoCAD is the leading application for creating three-dimensional and two-dimensional design and drawings using the computer. In the program you can create layouts of buildings, architectural elements, as well as bridges, tunnels and almost any items..

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