Blizzard begins "patrolling" WOW-brothels - Cell phones

Blizzard begins Blizzard commented on the "in-game harassment" in the MMORPG World of Warcraft: certain servers and locations will be taken under special control of the moderators to stop sexual harassment, erotic conversations, and other in-game "strawberry". The reaction of the developers was a response to the stream of complaints from some players and parents. In most messages appeared North American server Moon Guard and specifically the Goldshire Inn is the starting location for the human race. It turned out that here in many hang around together, why unsavory character who prefer not to battle with the orcs and skeletons, and a more relaxed routine. Well, I have made the whole mess is one of anxious fathers, locking the account of his son, after he had read the public's chat at this location. "There azumano talking about sex, harass homosexuals and members of other races", exclaims the indignant parent. "We will pay special attention to this place and will take appropriate measures against those who violate the game rules," said the developers. Under the enhanced monitoring will take all means of communication, except private messages and chat party going on the RAID. Prepared according to Eurogamer..

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