IPhone sexually active owners of Android Cell phones

IPhone sexually active owners of Android Cell phonesAn interesting study was conducted American Dating site OkCupid. In a survey of users of the service have figured out the type of their smartphones and the degree of sexual activity. As reported by the "News" iPhone owners at the time of the survey was, on average, for the whole life almost twice as many sexual partners than the owners of the devices on the Android platform. Owners of BlackBerry devices in the desire for sexual variety is midway between the two "poles". Here are the specific numbers. The average man - the owner of an Android smartphone to 30 years replaced six partners (female - 6,1), while the owner of the iPhone - 10. Owning smartphones Apple women are more prone to diversify their personal lives - they have a 30-year average of 12.3 partner. Data for different ages differ slightly, but the trend is clear. Conclusions a simple - to long-term relationships are more suitable for the owners of Android-based smartphones, while rapid and transient Roman easier to spin with those who have an iPhone..

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