Came the first details The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phones

Came the first details The Elder Scrolls V - Cell phonesIn the next part of The Elder Scrolls - Skyrim - will not be familiar to series class system. It is reported by Kotaku, citing the GameInformer magazine. In addition, the extract from the article on the game appeared on the NeoGAF forum. The developers explained the decision to remove classes that it is pointless to ask people to choose the style of the game before they actually started to play. The character will develop only used them skills. To become a strong mage, the player will constantly cast spells. The character can become an expert generalist, to be a warrior and a mage, but it will take more time. Also has information about the game's plot. The Elder Scrolls V occurs through two hundred years after the events of the fourth part, Oblivion. The story unfolds on the Northern continent of Skyrim. The main character belongs to the dynasty of the fighters with dragons. Together with his teacher, he must defeat the evil dragon God who rose again according to the ancient prophecy. The rebirth of the dragons is on the background of the Skyrim civil war. The fifth part of The Elder Scrolls was announced on December 11, 2010 at the ceremony the Spike Video Game Awards. It will go on sale on November 11, 2011. The game is being developed for personal computers and consoles Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3..

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