Wi-Fi does not stand up to the popularity of Mobile phones

Wi-Fi does not stand up to the popularity of Mobile phonesIf in-home Wi-Fi network can work without problems, in crowded places, wireless communication is often not able to withstand the increased load. This is especially noticeable was held this year technological conferences, the organizers were not able to provide sufficient bandwidth networks, writes The New York Times. Many of them were not hired experts, and relied on the existing infrastructure in hotels or conference centers. It was a mistake. The fact that Wi-Fi network was not originally designed for large meeting rooms and thousands of listeners, many of whom bring with them an Arsenal of laptops, smartphones and tablet computers. But even experts in wireless networks usually have only a day to set up and test the equipment in the room. In addition, they must focus not only on the number of participants, but also on the size and shape of the room, because Wi-Fi signals are reflected from the walls and "absorbed" by the audience. According to Ernie Marietta, founder Mariette Systems, which is responsible for deploying Wi-Fi networks at press conferences, this type of wireless connection is primarily intended for home or small spaces where the requests for bandwidth are not so high. Installing additional access points Wi-Fi, explains mariett, will not solve the problem, but exacerbate it, creating interference to neighboring channels. "I attended the fifty events, and every time the wifi refused to work," says Jason Calacanis heading Mihalo, which is engaged in an Internet search. He told in an interview that one of the conferences Web 2.0 Summit took as many as six devices, including laptops, smartphones and three wireless router with access to the Internet via a mobile phone network provider, explaining the need to have reliable access to the Internet. To avoid overloading Wi-Fi networks, the conference organizers sometimes ask the audience to turn off the device, they do not use, and refrain from downloading large files. So, for example, occurred in June of this year, when Apple's CEO Steve jobs at the launch of the iPhone 4 addressed the audience with a request to turn off laptops and smartphones, creating an excessive load on the Wi-Fi network. Another similar incident occurred last month in San Francisco at the conference Web 2.0 Summit. While the founder of the social network Facebook, mark Zuckerberg, the head of Google, Eric Schmidt, and the Chairman of the Federal Commission for relations USA Julius Genachowski talked about the future of digital technologies, about a thousand in the audience could not access the Internet because the wifi worked very slowly and erratically..

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