Administration Skype called the cause of global failure - Cell phones

Administration Skype called the cause of global failure - Cell phonesThe administration service IP-telephony Skype through his microblog on Twitter called the possible reasons for failure, which occurred in the system in the evening of 22 December. According to the statement, the technical problems around the world were caused by a disconnection of a large part of the hub switches (supernodes). Disable led suddenly apparent incompatibility between the "superuser" and some versions of Skype. At the moment Skype engineers are working on improving communicators - this process is called the development of "mega-superslow" (mega-supernodes), which will allow you to avoid failures in the future. "We are very serious about such incidents and we apologize to all users for the inconvenience," said Executive Director of Skype Tony Bates in an interview with BBC News. He also did not deny the possibility of an attack by hackers on the service, stating that "all versions are checked". December 22, many users of the service IP-telephony could not connect with the right customers. Information about what Skype is gradually returning to the normal operation mode is entered closer to the morning of 23 December..

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