In Russia appeared Xbox Live and Kinect - Cell phones

In Russia appeared Xbox Live and Kinect - Cell phonesNovember 10, 2010 in Russia was launched online service Xbox Live, and began sales of the Kinect sensor. This was reported in the press releases of Microsoft, placed at the disposal of edition. The Russian version of Xbox Live has all the features that are available to users of this service in other countries. The average cost of an annual subscription to Xbox Live Gold is 2499 rubles. Those who buy and activate your subscription before January 11, 2011, will receive a miniature police car for your avatar. Players that have registered accounts in another country, can without loss go to Russian Xbox Live. The Kinect is sold both separately and together with the Xbox 360. The recommended retail price for Kinect is 7999 rubles. With the device the game is Kinect Adventures. Also on sale kits Kinect and Xbox 360. Complete 15 990 rubles in console built 4 GB memory kit for 17 990 rubles to 250 gigabytes. Network Xbox Live launched in 2002. Users can chat, play online, download demo versions of games, as well as to make purchases in stores Xbox Live Arcade and Games on Demand. However, for certain functions, in particular, play online requires a paid subscription to Xbox Live Gold. The service is available on Xbox 360, personal computers running the Windows operating system and mobile devices running Windows Phone 7. Currently, there are 25 million active Xbox Live. The Kinect allows you to play on Xbox 360 without using a controller or other peripheral devices. Kinect detects movements and voices of people in front of him. The sensor adds to the Xbox Live feature video chat. Until the end of 2010 for the Kinect will be released in 19 games..

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