iPhone 4 is disappointing Russians - Cell phones

iPhone 4 is disappointing Russians - Cell phonesThe latest device from Apple - iPhone 4 - only began to be sold in Russia, and has already caused a lot of complaints. If the Internet still works satisfactorily, that voice leaves much to be desired. Is it only in the phone problem? The causes of poor audibility understood the correspondent of "Vesti FM" Sergey Tkachuk. iPhone 4 officially sold in Russia just a few weeks. And from the outset has received many complaints of owners on the quality of communication and not only. As it turned out, the main reason - a kind of antenna, and the screen's coating, said the chief editor of the journal of the Mobile Digital Sergey Malenkovich: "Two of the most known problem is the so - called "antenna gate" and "the glass gate". Both names are invented American journalists by analogy with Watergate. The first problem, accordingly, is that if a certain way to keep the case in hand, significantly reduced the sensitivity of the antenna, and the connection is either lost or greatly diminished. The second problem with glass. It is also quite exotic. When a certain kind of shock, mechanical deformations, the glass cracks can grow". These problems users decide for extra money. To protect the glass invented soft lining, and for best performance the antenna - special cases, says the independent expert in the field of digital technologies Michael Genin: "There was a very funny story, when Steve jobs finally said that problems with the antenna not, but you all buy special covers that will prevent these problems. This covers the first buyers were given for free, and now I have started again to be sold. The sleeve under the name "bumper", he hides iPhone in such rubber "preservational a wrapper around the edges. But at least the problem with the antenna". Thus, it's not just the iPhone 4. There are problems and our operators. The new device supports 3G standard. But even in Moscow for this standard do not have full coverage, not to mention the other cities. As a result, new devices have to constantly readjust from 3G to 2G and back. Because of this, the communication quality may deteriorate. This is confirmed by a spokesman for the company "MTS" Irina Osadchaya: "When the subscriber moves and falls out of the 3G network and returns to the 2G network, this process is not yet established. Experts are working on it, but since there is no whole carpet in Moscow, the subscriber periodically moves from one network to another. This is a temporary problem, it is solved. And due to the fact that will appear more base stations of the third generation. And, accordingly, a more holistic coverage will be, well, and other technical measures that will be solved". The question remains: when? According to experts, some improve the quality of communication can be expected only in the long term. Soon none of the operators will do the job just not able to..

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