Cellular operators began to make less - Cell phones

Cellular operators began to make less - Cell phonesPreventive work left this week without cellular several areas in the North-West of Moscow. Outside access was MTS, Beeline and MegaFon. Ahead Of The New Year. The load on the mobile communication will increase dramatically. However, this year the operators promise to prevent failures in the new year's eve. News from the world of mobile communication Ruslan Bistrov told senior analyst at Mobil research group Eldar Murtazin and President of the company "Summer group" Alexander Chachava on radio "Vesti FM". Bystrov: Well, we continue to sum up the results of 2010. And now let's talk about the mobile market. Of course, this applies to everyone, because everyone, thank God, already have a cell phone, many not one, as I have. In touch with you I am, Ruslan Bystrov, as well as my guests - Eldar Murtazin, senior analyst at Mobil research group Eldar, welcome. Horn: Good afternoon. Bystrov: the President of the company "Summer group" Alexander Chachava. Alexander and you are so warm Hello. Chachava: Hello. Bystrov: Let's denote by so briefly the main trends of 2010. How was he to cellular? Who will start? Eldar? Horn: Well, let me begin. 2010 was quite interesting due to the development of infrastructure. That is, that consumers do not see yet, companies are investing in data transmission. They build Dato centers, data centers, transportation arteries throughout the country appear. In fact, today, even an accident at one of these arteries, it will not deprive connection most of the people. Bystrov: that's just not so long ago there was an accident in the North of Moscow, when "were" all. Horn: It wasn't connected... Well, I won't comment on why it happened. It was not related to the operators, so to speak. Bystrov: It's some kind of secret services and so on? Murtazin: No comment. Bystrov: So, okay. Are there any trends? Murtazin: the Second trend we are seeing for five years, is an increase in the price per minute. At this minute, it would seem cheaper, but the packages that we offer, are becoming more and more and more. While 2010's carrier business was a trial year for one simple reason: the operators began to earn less, their margins fell. And operators of steel for the first time, perhaps, to pay attention, not to annoy their customers. This is the first time. Bystrov: what it means not to irritate? Do not connect services on the sly, and so forth? You mean? Horn: Yes, absolutely. That is not to connect services. If people complain about some services, by default it is decided in their favor, if they refer to the operator. Well, the third point, perhaps, which is very important, in 2010, Terry color divorced crooks who on mobile networks began to raise a lot of money out of thin air. Bystrov: Eldar, but they can't divorce just like that. If you have such thoughts, it could be with the approval of the operator, a vowel or no vowel. Murtazin: See, the situation today is very simple. Operators, of course, involved in this. Participate willingly or unwillingly, because up to half of the revenue from premium SMS or other services receives in his pocket the operator. And when one or another aggregator, providing services, begins, in General, to deal with the nonsense, the operator must be very hard and fast to off. At the moment not all operators do. On the other hand, we see quite such a good example of MTS, which is tightly received in relation to a number of aggregators, and have him turn on these services in one quarter fell by 25 percent. This is very noticeable. There is a fight, but the fight bees with honey, it is, in General, is doomed to fail initially. The state should enact laws that will regulate this activity, and to require the operator or a Supervisory body to monitor this. The second point. Still, in addition to the operators there are a large number of "divorce", where the operator is not involved. Well here is an example this morning. I get an SMS that I through the machine KIWI enrolled 200 rubles to the account.

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