Facebook will launch its own postal service, November 15 - Cell phones

Facebook will launch its own postal service, November 15 - Cell phonesSocial network Facebook will launch its own email service on November 15. "It was our TechCrunch, citing anonymous sources. On this day in San Francisco will be a press conference, will hold that the Creator of Facebook, mark Zuckerberg. Officially, the topic of the press conference is not yet called, however, it is expected that it will be dedicated to the presentation service, which is known under the code name Facebook Titan. It is expected that all users of the world's largest social network will be able to get your own e-mail addresses ending in @facebook.com. It was also reported that Facebook has prepared a full-fledged web-based e-mail client that can compete with other popular email services, including Gmail, Microsoft Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. For the first time about the project Titan was announced in February 2010. Then TechCrunch wrote that users of Facebook will have the opportunity to exchange e-mail through IMAP and POP. It is assumed that access to the mail service will receive all the users of Facebook, which number around the world more than 500 million people..

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