Facebook find out the location of the users of Mobile phones

Facebook find out the location of the users of Mobile phonesSocial network Facebook now wants to know everything not only about the preferences and interests of the users and the web pages that they like, but also about the places where they are. Before the company introduced the function Places geolocation service in the image of Foursquare, Gowalla and the like. Now users of the social network will be able to check (check-in) in "places" (places). To create a place page (this can be your own house, office, shop, restaurant, club, etc) how can the rank and file members Facebook, and want to attract their attention (for example, by providing a discount for a certain number of check-in) of the company. To check, you can use mobile apps for Facebook (currently supported only iPhone app or mobile version of the site on a smartphone with GPS. Users, "noting" close to, will be "visible" in the Appendix to his friends. In addition, optionally you can activate a function of visibility and other members of the social network. Such users will always be able to see the check-in each other close. According to the social network, 150 million of half a billion people on the planet with a page on Facebook regularly visit her from his mobile phone. Although the pioneers in the field of location-based services have become Foursquare, Gowalla and other companies coming to the market Facebook, writes The Wall Street Journal, will help to attract the attention of not only fans of technology and venture capital investors, but also to users of social networks and smartphones. Earlier this month a similar function geolocation presented the Russian network "Vkontakte". WSJ notes that, adding to the variety of already collected information about users data on their location, Facebook risks to cause another wave of criticism from defenders of network privacy, and possibly the authorities. In the social network believe that took care of the safety of the participants enough, by default, making check-in is visible only to "friends". At the same time, complete control over those with whom to share information about your location, users have no or only with friends or with the world. But entrepreneurs should be happy - they have new opportunities to access hundreds of millions of users using the system of location marks. Facebook intends to actively promote such opportunities on the web site already created a special section explains the marketing opportunities of the new service. One more interesting detail - fighting services - pioneers geolocation Facebook doesn't want to. In the software interface Places open to the possibility of data exchange with networks Forsquare, Gowalla, Yelp and others. Their representatives who participated in yesterday's presentation of Facebook, said that the Places are not a competitor, but a good mechanism for increasing popularity..

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