Impressions ebooks Nook Color - Cell phones

Impressions ebooks Nook Color - Cell phonesSuccess released in November 2009 e-book Nook convinced the owners of the American bookstore chain Barnes & Noble that they are on the right track. Why release a new version of the Nook color screen seems quite logical, and it is not risky decision. At the online store the instance we decided to check what color the letters better in black and white. Barnes & Noble may's largest book retailer in the United States, but this does not save him from a rapidly declining demand for paper books. There is no need once again to say that they are worse, most people prefer free download electronic versions of books, and in General the Internet has taken and all messed up. B&N was simple, but the unenviable choice: as they say, join, or die. Released in late November of last year, e-book Nook shows which path to chose a company. And Nook Color proves that the chosen path is correct. Looks Nook Color perfectly: simple dark grey plastic case with a rubberized back cover, just one button on the front side. Even given the fact that the eyes of every second of Muscovite in the subway automatically rush towards the nearest open book, whether paper or electronic, Nook Color makes a lot of views. The design, however, can still be a claim about the parentheses in the lower left corner, but let's consider it attempts to protect the device in case of emergency fall from his hands. It is only necessary not to forget to buy a strap. The main difference Nook Color from the original Nook is having a color LCD display, which replaced the display on the electronic ink. In the first model, Nook color screen, too, was but very little, and played a supporting role. And the screen is Color - large (seven-inch, 1024 by 600 pixels) with wide viewing angles and, of course, multi-touch. The first impression (Color, cool!") see the reason why B&N made a bet on the color: with the display reading on the Nook can not only books, but also full-color periodicals. A subscription to Rolling Stone, National Geographic, or, if the soul asks, Cosmopolitan, you can register now. In addition, the Nook Color can be interesting not only to the target audience "Cosmo" and the geeks reading several times a day Wired - children will love the colourful children's books. They still and read professional speaker, but only in English. The fact that the display Color is not only color, but also multi-touch enabled B&N to reject buttons (and especially from the QWERTY keyboard, it is unclear why included in the Amazon Kindle), leaving on the body only the necessary minimum: button on/off switch, volume control, and the Central button, similar in function to the home button. All other operations shall be performed only by the touch method. *** Memory Nook Color has an 8 GB of internal memory, but the user needs provides only five. However, with slot for micro-SD cards, cleverly hidden under the bracket, the memory of the reader can be increased by another 32 GB. What man sees, for the first time included the Nook? In addition to the Intro, it's a requirement to connect the device to a wireless network using the built-in Wi-Fi adapter (3G model is not stated). Without this condition the book will not work. Account registration on the website/e-shop Barnes & Noble is also required. After these steps, you can finally see the main screen. The device runs on the operating system Google Android 2.1, but to see it here, it is rather problematic interface and design completely redesigned. At the bottom is a shelf with all purchased books, and under it is a button call up the main menu, return to the window reading and brief information (Wi-Fi-signal, battery and clock). In the upper part of the barely visible line shows the name read at the moment, books and bookmarks "recent". All the rest of the space, approximately 80% of the total area allotted Desk. There's all the books scattered in a random order, you can pull off the shelf at the bottom and resize them - so everything you need will always be at hand. The read interface is quite convenient and standard obscenely: reading a book by touching the edge of the screen or swipe left bookmarks and notes, seeking the meaning of unknown words in the built-in English thesaurus and change on the fly line spacing, margins, background color, size and typeface. Connect Nook Color to your computer via USB (cable included), you can copy your own book format .epub, .doc .txt, .ppt, .xls and .pdf, then they will appear in the "My files" from the main menu. Books and magazines format .pdf opens and processes when scaling fast enough, but turns somehow up and down, not left-right. Actually, as a reader for Nook Color claims there is virtually no. Claims, or at least questions that may appear when using other functions Nook Color. Different detail, like chess, crossword, Sudoku, address books and picture viewer (supported formats .jpg, .gif, .bmp and .png) may not be noticed, but the music and video player works a bit strange. Files cannot be played albums or make playlists, you can only listen to the tracks one by one. Video support not implemented in the best way: Color only understands mp4, and if this video still and HD, then when viewing it will be noticeable podmorazhivanija. Also, the local browser doesn't support multitouch, which is in all other apps Nook Color - scale of the page you want the old-fashioned way, a double touch. Unfortunately, the Nook Color not represented in Russia, officially, and this limits its functionality: all the books here naturally in English, Cyrillic keyboard no, "to Borrow another book and Internet radio Pandora not working. **** Price On the official website of Barnes & Noble to order a device with delivery in Moscow is not so found in the city of instance it is quite possible to see a price tag in the 12-13 thousand rubles instead of the official $ 250. This is not the only problem. It is obvious that processor with a clock frequency of 800 MHz and 512 MB of RAM is enough to Nook coped if not with playing high-definition video, at least with the smooth opening of the books, scrolling lists, browsing and other things that play an important role in the formation of custom, sorry, "experience". Therefore, it is most logical to assume that the problem is in the build of Android 2.1. Not so long ago, Barnes & Noble announced that early next year I'm planning to switch your device to version 2.2, then the Nook will receive almost the full functionality of the tablet. However, to wait for the Android Market is not: on the Nook will show only those applications that will approve B&N, and spread they will be in their own app store. Perhaps by the time the Nook Color will switch to a new OS version, problems with his identity will be resolved. At the moment, the Nook Color is an excellent e-book, but a bad tablet.

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