The first navigators Lexand on a new platform SiRFatlasV - Cell phones

The first navigators Lexand on a new platform SiRFatlasV - Cell phonesLaboratory "Leksand" (trade mark Lexand), Russian supplier device GPS satellite navigation, introduces four new models of car navigators: Lexand Si-530, Lexand Si-535, Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5. A key feature of new - hardware platform SiRFatlasV, which has several advantages compared to previous generation chipset SiRFatlasIV: higher speed, efficiency and accuracy. Navigators Lexand Si-530 and Lexand Si-535, equipped with a touch screen with a diagonal of 4.3 and 5 inches, respectively, replacing the models Lexand Si-512 and Lexand Si-515. In turn, Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5 are heirs navigators Lexand Si-512 (plus) and Lexand Si-515 (plus). The design and functionality of the device remains unchanged, while their speed increased by about 20%. In addition, the chipset SiRFatlasV more economical - in sleep mode conserves the battery reaches 10%. "Laboratory "Leksand" is the second Russian company, which started selling navigators on the basis SiRFatlasV . Comparison SiRFatlasV with SiRFatlasIV: SiRFatlasIVSiRFatlasVЧастота processor MHz МГцПамятьDDR-200DDR2-tik Instant Fix IIПрограммнаяАппаратнаяGPS receiver (the name / number of channels / accuracy)I3 / 64 / 15 метровGI3 / 64 channel / up to 8 metrowestrealestate videoh points, MPEG4640х480 points, MPEG4 Platform SiRFatlasV combines on a single chip processor with a clock frequency of 500 or 667 MHz, independent of the DSP core of the range GPS/Galileo-enabled technology SiRFAlwaysFix, controllers, memory DDR2-400, Mobile DDR, SD/MMC/MMC and NAND flash, audio DAC controller touch panel LCD display, the accelerator postprocessing video, USB 2.0 interface and other interfaces for data exchange. This high level of integration reduces the total number of parts reduces the cost of raw materials, reduces power consumption and power requirements, reduces the dimensions of the mounting plate and simplifies production. In addition to reducing energy consumption and cost, technology SiRFAlwaysFix through their own algorithms performs prediction of the orbital position that allows you to achieve a much faster adjustment when starting: SiRFatlasV is maintained in the state of the hot start without activating the GPS receiver (which would result in unnecessary expenditure of energy). Also SiRFAlwaysFix uses new technology SiRFHibernation, which provides the ability to completely turn off the power DRAM, when the system enters standby mode. The complex SiRFAlwaysFix and SiRFHibernation allow manufacturers to achieve longer battery life while increasing the speed of GPS. Lexand Si-530, Lexand Si-535, Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5 significantly "nimble" predecessors, both in terms of operating system Windows CE 6.0, and "covering" her signature interface, and display navigation maps, and smooth video playback. Technology support Instant Fix II provides data caching ephemeris of the satellites and their prediction for up to three days. In the navigators can start in "warm" mode for three days since the last activation. Older chipsets - for example, SiRFstarIII - provided a "warm start" only for three hours. All new products are equipped with 128 MB of RAM and a flash drive 2 GB; expand the array you can use the flash cards format MicroSD/MicroSDHC cards with a capacity up to 16 GB. The screen resolution in all cases is h points. The displays are flush with the front panel, so preventing finger control "skirting" navigators deprived. In addition, the screens in the factory applied anti-reflective coating and automatic brightness adjustment illumination meets a built-in sensor. Lexand Si-530, Lexand Si-535, Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5 are the most compact on the Russian market-based solutions SiRFatlasV their thickness does not exceed 13 mm Rear panel of the device is decorated with plastic-type soft-touch" effect rubberized coating). The front part of the navigators belted under the "metal". Model Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 and Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5 is equipped with Bluetooth module which allows you to upload information about traffic jams on the roads with the help of a mobile phone acting as a modem. In addition, navigators can be used as in-car Handsfree system or Internet device to view the site provides the Internet Explorer browser from the software Windows CE 6.0. Each of the new devices Lexand can be equipped with one of three navigation packages installed in the built-in memory navigation: "Navitel Navigator 3.5", "Progorod" or "Cityguide 3.8". Traditionally supports the installation of several different software products for navigation with the possibility of switching between them in real time from the system menu with the option "navigation Path". This function - signature "trick" all modern navigation Lexand. New navigators Lexand on the platform SiRFatlasV available in retailers from mid-October 2010. Suggested retail price for the device is: Lexand Si-530 - 4290 rubles Lexand Si-535 - 4490 rubles Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5 - 4990 rubles Lexand Si-515 (plus) A5 - 5990 rubles Comparative table of the Navigator of the previous generation and four new devices: Lexand Si-515 (Plus) with (Navigator previous generation)Lexand Si-530Lexand Si-535Lexand Si-512 (plus) A5Lexand Si-515 (plus) Adisplay inches, h toczek,3 inches, h points 5 inches, h points 4.3 inches, h points 5 inches, h points Operational pamyati MB DDR 128 MB DDR2 128 MB DDR2 128 MB DDR2 128 MB DDR2 Built-in pamyati MB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB 2 GB ПлатформаSiRFatlasIV SiRFatlasV SiRFatlasV SiRFatlasV SiRFatlasV Operating системаWindows CE 6.0 Windows CE 6.0 Windows CE 6.0 Windows CE 6.0 Windows CE 6.0 Bluetooth -- About the brand Lexand Laboratory "Leksand" works in the Russian telecommunications market for over fifteen years and is a major supplier of SIEMENS communication systems in the country. The company entered the market PND (classic car navigators) in 2008. To date portfolio Lexand includes 22 models of car navigation devices of different form factors. In 2009, the brand Lexand has become one of the fastest growing in the domestic market at present, the share of navigators Lexand has already reached about 10%, and in some major retail chains brand was included in the top three in sales with a share of over 30%. The strategy Lexand - development and offer buyers only tested and high-quality products. The company pays special attention to the design of their products: one of the best selling navigators 2009 steel model Lexand in the style of popular iPhone and HTC Touch Diamond. These devices - not just functional navigational gadgets, but the style element of the beauty of a modern car. Stands out and atypical approach to the development of navigators: unlike many other domestic suppliers of such devices, eating a finished model in South-East Asia (primarily in China), and only "prikleivayutsya" devices "labels" with brands, Lexand takes an active part in the creation of both hardware and software products. In April 2009 model car Navigator Lexand ST-360 received the award "product of the year" in the category "Portable GPS budget class, becoming the second largest brand in-car navigation, winning in the category "Automobile Navigator premium" won the Mio Moov 380 of Mio Technology. According to a survey of users of navigation solutions, conducted portals in February 2010, the brand Lexand took the second place (after Garmin) the level of consumer confidence..

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