The patented procedure turn off the computer, Cell phones

The patented procedure turn off the computer, Cell phonesMicrosoft received a patent , the application for which was filed back in 2005, on the procedure turn off the computer, assuming semi-automatic shut down running programs. The patent describes the procedure for shutting down programs before shutting down the system. This functionality is familiar to users of most modern versions of Windows (version XP). If the user wants to turn off the computer, but will not shut down all applications before it, the system will show the list of running programs, which should not be closed automatically. This happens, for example, if you open the Word document has unsaved changes. The system will remind the user about it and offer to either cancel the shutdown, or ignore the warning then the program will be closed and any unsaved changes are lost). This non-interactive, background applications (such as antivirus software) will be turned off automatically, as well as all other programs that allow automatic shutdown. A similar feature is available in Mac OS X and some versions of Linux..

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