"National" operating system in the development of Mobile phones

The Russian government has admitted that it allocates $ 5 million for the development of a "national" operating system, built on open-source Linux OS. This is an attempt to free public computers with operating system Windows OS of Microsoft, as well as software from other copyright holders, that is, as stated, in order to save money, improve safety, and reduce dependence on such a giant among software developers as Microsoft. The problem, however, is that no one has yet seen the new operating system, and some experts don't understand why it was needed. "This is a very sensitive issue," says Victor Tsygankov analyst of the Russian branch of the consulting company in the field of information technology International Data Corporation. "I don't quite understand how you can make a national operating system based on Linux. Linux is not a Russian creation. And why can't we use the existing Linux system? They are stable and work great. In my opinion, there's no need". The Russian Ministry of Telecom and mass communications three years ago issued an order, which is expected to enter into force before the end of this year. The actual order, however, remained almost unnoticed by the public until this week, when the Russian newspaper reported that Moscow lecturer in computer science Vladimir Sorokin was forced to retire after he wrote a letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and complained that his bosses are still forced to apply for such training programs, which require the use of Microsoft products. Mr. Sorokin, representing yourself as an expert in Linux, on Friday on the phone said that he wrote to Mr. Medvedev because of growing concerns in the absence of any progress in providing and installing free software in the school computers. "We have to prepare students for exams, referring to Windows and other products with closed source, although there is a clear order of the state that we are in 2011 to only use free software," he says. "I wrote to Medvedev, as I remembered his speech a few years ago in which he said that Russia, if it does not develop independent software will be vulnerable in other areas. It really made a strong impression on me". Pirated programs Sorokin believes that the majority of Moscow schools have used pirated "software" until three years ago, it was announced the implementation of the state program. As a temporary measure Moscow authorities have purchased a license to use Windows and other programs for school computers for a period of three years, he said. "If our computers must be with legal software, then we need free operating system," he added. We should be ready by December 31, but so far there are no materials and no training. Most of the reports of teachers is done in the format of Windows". Sorokin also said that he was forced to retire officials in the field of education after he wrote the letter to Medvedev. But on Friday, the Moscow business newspaper "Vedomosti" wrote about this conflict, and Director of school No. 572 reported by phone that the teacher in Informatics can be reinstated. "I was offered another job is to teach the teachers," said Sorokin. The Russian government has taken measures to exercise control over a free Internet, and the Russian Duma has recently approved a bill significantly expands the powers of the secret service, the FSB, however, experts say that they do not see any security measurements occurred hype about operating systems. "There is no logic in the transfer of government computers to alternative Linux platform," said Moscow-based consultant in the field of IT technologies Denis Zotov. This initiative was presented as a way to reduce costs, and reduce dependence on American manufacturers software. Surveillance on the Internet According to the adopted ten years ago by the laws of the Russian security services are already implementing an ambitious program known as SORM-2, in accordance with which all Russian Internet providers must install a special device that allows the FSB to copy and store each bit of information - including email and activity on the Internet - through located in Russia servers. Microsoft has recently charged that it helps the Russian authorities in some cases involving prosecution of non-governmental organizations and independent journalists for what they allegedly using pirated "software". When this was announced last month, Microsoft was quickly informed that it provides a license to use the software for all small Russian groups, which can be subjected to political persecution. Meanwhile, place the existence of a "national" of the operating system remains a mystery for the majority of Russian teachers and computer experts. "Problems are just beginning," says the Deputy Director of one of Moscow's computer education centers Alexander Kahler. If they want to force students to stop using Windows and switch to Linux, then the result will be a complete mess. In addition, the majority of official programs may not work under Linux. Those students who use software products Windows of the house, will not be compatible with what they are doing in school. It is wonderful to teach operating system Linux, no need to rebuild it every computer," he says. "If they want to do it, the state should develop a quality product, and fast enough, and to prepare teachers to work with the new software," he adds. "But nothing's done."".

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